How Does this Work?

You order meals online, we prepare, and you pickup from the location you choose at checkout. Currently we have locations in Asheboro, Thomasville, Archdale NC, and expanding.

Are the Meals Frozen at Pickup?

The meals are fresh at pickup. We do not freeze our meals because we want to give you the best quality possible. They can be frozen at home, though, as our containers are both freezer and microwave safe. Our meals are good for all week, but we recommend anything to be eaten past Thursday to be frozen for best quality.

What's the Best Way to Heat My Meals?

Our single serving size meals are best heated in the microwave, and all do well this way. Heat to an internal temperature of 165ºF. Our family meals vary, with some ready to eat and others that need to be oven cooked at home. Family meals are best served into single plated portions and microwaved separately.

Can I Customize My Meals?

No. In order to keep cost low while providing great quality, we are not able to do this. Custom meals prevent us from making modifications to individual meals such as "no peppers" or “sauce on side, please!”. If you need customized meal plans, please contact us directly and we can discuss your needs, but please keep in mind that the cost will reflect the customization.

Are Your Meals Organic and/or Non-GMO

No. While many of our ingredients include these titles, and our meals fit this description, we do not use cliche words to sell our food. In our experience, our industry misleads consumers by using trendy adjectives (Organic, All-Natural, Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed, Non-GMO, Antibiotic Free) to sell more of their products. Some of these adjectives are not defined or strictly-enforced by the USDA or FDA, allowing producers to slap labels on their food that may or may not have any truthful substance. We strive to use in season produce when available. We do offer many naturally gluten free items. We understand that Celiac Disease is a very real disease and a strict gluten free diet is required. Our kitchen is not dedicated gluten free, but we will take all precautions to keep your food safe for your consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

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